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Bug of the moment 2006-06-22

I was pretty much going to let this one slide, and just put up a picture in the main screenshots gallery some time in the future, but I think maybe now I need to get my cluebat™ out and hit someone with it. I added myself to the Geek Culture Frappr! map recently, and promptly received an e-mail from Frappr!:

According to Frappr!, I am new to the Geek Culture Frappr group since I last checked. Moi? OK, fair enough, the muppets forgot to exclude me from the mailshot. Incidentally, there is no image in the e-mail because Firefox doesn’t know what to do with it:

It reckons it can use an external application to open the data, though. Sure. Which application?

Anyhow, today I received another e-mail from Frappr! (ooo, orange today):

Good grief. I am still new to Frappr!? I don’t get it. Perhaps I should have followed the linky they gave me last time to have a look, thus removing me from their list of people who are new since my last visit. But why would I follow the link? I know what my name is, I know what I look like, and most of all (and this bit is a surprise) I even know where I live.

And yes, two missing images today, so that meant two security dialog boxes from Firefox telling me it needs to use an external application without bothering to tell me which.

We’ll get there in the end, I suppose. I hope. For now, please excuse me while I cluebat Frappr.

Posted 22nd June 2006 – Comments and questions?