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Bug of the moment 2006-06-21

After explaining to macmcseboy that the iMac G3 was not my machine, but my sister’s, and long since gone, he remarked that I “need an OS X capable machine”, for “creating havoc [and] attracting bugs.”

Mac OS X bugs are typically too depressing to be funny, but the following screenshot from John Blumer today shocked me, and I really do wonder what we are doing wrong.

This is the drive set-up utility in Mac OS X Tiger, which John has asked to completely erase (zero?) the hard drive. Take a look at the progress display:

For the love of sanity, how do we keep making mistakes like this? Didn’t NeXT give us the much needed #include <mathThatJustBloodyWorks.h>? How about, #include <ifURtehSukAtFiguresUseThis.h> This just isn’t funny any more.

Posted 21st June 2006 – Comments and questions?