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Bug of the moment 2006-06-01

I have had a folder on my drive for some time now called “Awaiting IDs of software used”: screenshots where I could no longer remember what they were of. The last two images, I have finally tracked down to a program by RevoWorld/EPOC+Plus called RevoLink which creates shortcuts on the Revo (EPOC does not have native support for shortcuts). RevoLink does this rather like the Windows method, with a wizard; the first step is to enter the filename of the shortcut you wish to create:

Don’t bother trying to cancel this step. You can’t.

Next, select what type of shortcut you wish to create:

Shortcuts to applications dont’t work and cause it to crash:

I was trying to create folder shortcuts originally so let’s go with that. You’re asked to select the target, and then click Finish. The wizard closes and the shortcut is created:

Except if you go look, it’s not. If you bring up the task list, the following, rather mysterious and completely broken entry will be found:

I take it that when it asked for a “filename”, the example path of “C:\Mylink” was not an indication that you are allowed to enter paths or in fact create a shortcut anywhere outside of the root!

Switching to this rogue process shows that RevoLink has crashed:

Not that I am terribly surprised. I was about to write, “I’ve since realised that the correct way to achieve a non-root shortcut is to do File > New from the file manager and create a new RevLink [sic] file at the location you desire first” but, hey, that leads to the same crash. Good thing I switched over to Tixy’s FileLink instead, which does actually work.

Posted 1st June 2006 – Comments and questions?