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Bug of the moment 2006-04-17

Tra la la … using Firefox on the iMac under a different account, and, lo! What have we here?

Has someone in my family taken up Chinese when I wasn’t looking? (Evidently the same person who was googling for me! I live here, I’m not that hard to find…) The Web sites in question don’t look like they should be written in Chinese, but apparently at the time of visiting, every one had a Chinese page title. Even Google UK search results pages.

It was not one of those one-off incidents either, as you can see:

Finally, I checked the history entry for the current page, demonstrating what has happened:

It’s pretty clear that the character positions are unaffected: compare the “word” lengths of the English and “Chinese” text. The question mark represents the dash. If you look for pairs of English letters in the “Chinese” (e.g. all the es) you will see that these also match up. It seems that the wrong codepage is being referenced. Quite odd, though.

The real question is, how do I keep finding all these bugs! (And still have enough for another main Screenshots update when I get around to it, no less) I have no idea, but here is another:

When Firefox opens an autocomplete menu below an input field, use the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll the page, and the menu becomes visibly detached from the text box. This problem is also repeatable on my Windows box:

D’oh. People need to stop hand-coding controls! It never works.

Posted 17th April 2006 – Comments and questions?