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Bug of the moment 2006-01-15

Does Explorer’s File menu normally look like this?

I cannot remember what it normally looks like, but I think I broke it:

Every time I open the File menu, I get another DeliPlayer turn up in there. I am not sure what the limit is to how many you create:

But after a certain limit they all disappear and won’t come back for a while, whereupon the process can begin all over again. For once, and almost to my dismay, I cannot pin this bug on Explorer but instead on a bug in DeliPlayer (although I am not ruling out that it might be another bug in Explorer – it’s not like it’s short of them).

And Explorer was not ready to finish with me there. Ever since Exposé was introduced to Mac OS X, you can hide and show all open windows with a single keystroke or mouse click or gesture, rather like you can in Windows with win-D. The beauty of the Mac approach is that you can repeat this command to bring all your windows back in the middle of a drag-and-drop operation of a file from the desktop. That is, press F11 (or whatever key or mouse action you chose) to show the desktop, start dragging a file and then press F11 again to bring all windows back, allowing you to drop the file over one of the windows.

But who says that Windows can’t do this too? Explorer.

To be fair, it is possible in Windows, but for some reason, at the point where win-D is pressed again (to show all previously-hidden windows) the floating window bearing the item being dragged is duplicated. The new copy continues to follow the cursor, and the old copy just sits there looking stupid on top of Explorer:

and Notepad:

and the desktop itself:

The window is transparent to clicks and is not detected with Process Explorer’s window selector. If you repeat the operation, it still does not go away, leaving you now with two dead windows:

I guess I need to restart Explorer now, yet Windows has only been running a week so far in the first place:

(Also note that Uptime has gone back to its weird estimate mode, and I forget what fixed that last time. Some sort of broken service or something.

Posted 15th January 2006 – Comments and questions?