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Bug of the moment 2005-12-16

OK, this is not really a bug, but I thought it so bizarre that it was worth showing. The following screenshot is from our British Telecom Voyager 220V 1 broadband/voice router at work, that BT gave us a few weeks ago when we moved premises (and set up a new account). The Voyager 220V is the standard business router from BT. The screenshot below shows the port forwarding configuration:

The KaZaA port forwarding preset on the BT Voyager 220V

So, let’s get this straight, British Telecom are condoning the use of KaZaA? On a business broadband router? Do my eyes deceive me? (You know what? I am not sure about some of those spellings either…) How about this one, mysteriously located under the Games category:

The Audiogalaxy Satellite port forwarding preset on the BT Voyager 220V

I can just imagine a telephone call to BT now: “Hello, BT technical support; how can we help you? Our broadband router doesn’t have built-in support for your favourite peer-to-peer music sharing service? No problem, sir, we’ll incorporate support for it into the next revision of the firmware for you. Good day, sir.”

Never mind the fact that illegal music sharing over Audiogalaxy is long since obsolete. I am not sure that Laplink appreciate Laplink Gold being considered a game, either:

The BT Voyager 220V reckons that Laplink Gold is simply a game

I am pleased however to see that BT are happy for us to play Quake III in our office over the Internet. Good on you!

Pedants looking to accuse me of not showing a real bug can satisfy themselves with the following screenshot:

Networked printing in Windows defies the laws of time

You just wouldn’t think, would you?

[1] I wonder which came first, the Voyager 220V router, or the British Rail Class 220 “Voyager”

Posted 16th December 2005 – Comments and questions?