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Bug of the moment 2005-11-27

Hm, since putting up Bug of the Moment, not a solitary thing has happened since then that was funny enough to post. Working in Wintel Wonderland tends to leave you more foaming at the mouth than ROLFing, and even the Mac has been behaving itself lately. So I present instead a couple of older images.

The first one is reproducible even now, but with my new camera I can finally photograph it. My favourite task-switcher for Mac OS 9 is SwitchIt! by Michel MARIANI (his caps not mine! It’s a French thing), but after a days’ uptime breaks its own display. I went to confirm the above with a Sherlock search but I interrupt myself to bring you this:

No RAM? realllly?

Pay attention to the free memory graph in the control strip. Out of memory are we? Maybe Sherlock’s memory settings are too high? Look also at the Get Info window for Sherlock. Thank you Finder. (Like I say, the Mac OS would be fine if not for the Finder). But lo! What’s this?

The Philadelphia experiment comes to Mac OS

The text selection was made after I switched back to BBEdit. It thinks the text is all there, but it’s not. Time to kill the Finder and restart. 32 days uptime finished with a clean restart of Mac OS 9.1. Not too shabby. Anyhow, here is the picture I wanted to show:

LiteSwitch underneath BBEdit

This is the task switcher I use instead of SwitchIt!, a program called LiteSwitch. It has the Q and H for quit and hide support like SwitchIt (which has made its way into Panther) but not the active notification indication and leaping that died with SwitchIt or mouse support (which did make it to Panther). Somehow, when you hit cmd-tab with a BBEdit Open or Save dialog box open, the LiteSwitch window pops up underneath the Navigation Services window. Not sure how this is possible but there you go.

Posted 27th November 2005 – Comments and questions?