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Have I Got Spam For You

Fellow Britons may well be familiar with the amusing political satire quiz show Have I Got News For You, which amongst other things includes a fill-in-the-blanks round or two. I have been noticing that the subject line truncation of Web-based mail leads to an interesting spam-based variant of the same game. And thus I present to you: Have I Got Spam For You.

The object in each of the following cases is to complete the given sentence with what you think the e-mail should have been saying:

“Did you know? You can live and…” (let die – Ed)
“Why pay so much for one little…”
“teen rectums can destroy your …”
“Miracle protein blows away all…”
“Find out if Napoleon is a real…”
“spying software watching your …”
“your mother needs to cope with…”
“Cancer viruses. This may help.…”
“Having sleeping troubles? Fix …”
“Anxiety can be difficult. Let …”
“Wouldn't you like to know your…”

(This the point where I realise that I am probably too nerdy for my own good…)

Spam fans are also likely to enjoy Steven Frank’s Spamusement – cartoons based on actual spam subject lines. Actually, it’s pronounced “An-nee-meh”