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How I came to acquire Funk D’Void – Diabla [Heavenly mix]

Back in 2002, I put a Sven Väth live at Mixery Castle set on TranceMP3 VII, for which I had no tracklist. The set is not to my liking, except that track 3 of part 1 is superb. Despite copious searching, I never succeeded in locating a tracklist for the set, so I never identified the track in question and thus could not obtain the single of it.

However, a similar tune cropped up on Armin’s 2002 Sensation set (on TranceMP3 XVIII), for which I did have a tracklist. The tracklist had no track times, but that particular track seemed to be identified as an unknown remix of Funk D’Void – Diabla. The tune sounded similar – but not quite the same – as the one on the Sven Väth set, so it was with some lack of hope that I then tried a variety of mixes of Diabla, hoping that I might have really identified the track. With luck, I indeed found the mix in question that matched the one in the Sven Väth set: the superb Heavenly mix.

The strange twist came later, when on TranceMP3 XIV I found a track called Subsonik by Oliver Lieb. That track exactly matched the one on the Sensation set, making the tracklist entry for the set a mistake. However, had the person who compiled the tracklist not mistaken it for Diabla, I would have never been able to identify the other track correctly. Funny how it goes.