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ShadowIRC kit

I have a strange habit of chatting in IRC in 5-pixel-high capitals using a soft, inverse video colour scheme, and anyone else with ShadowIRC crazy enough to do so can now get that opportunity. My so-called ShadowIRC kit contains the two files that you will need – a colour set file for ShadowIRC, and a copy of Mini 7 Enhanced.

Mini 7 used to be a freeware, and quite possibly public domain font, albeit a very incomplete one. The designer has since completed the font and has made it payware. My own version, Mini 7 Enhanced, is a second branch of the Mini 7 tree, in that I also started with the original version and completed the font. The advantage of mine is that in includes a special version (Mini 7 IRC) with very tight line spacing (as seen above) to maximise the efficiency of its small size in order to get extra text into your channel windows; this is done at the expense of the quality of some characters, mostly the accented ones. Those wanting to use a more professional copy for graphic design should probably purchase the official version of the font.



The above is all intended for ShadowIRC 1.1 running on Mac OS 9 or earlier; I have no idea whether it will work in Mac OS X running an alpha version of ShadowIRC 2.