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REALbasic code repository

Sort of.


CGrippie is a control subclass which provides a grippie (a window resize widget, or size grip) for a window in Microsoft Windows. These are useful for indicating that a resizable dialog is in fact resizable. The class is very trivial to use.

Version 1.0.1 draws the grip the correct size for dialogs (I didn’t realise it matched your scroll bar size) and has a workaround for when the Window subclass in your project has a smaller minimum size than Windows itself allows. GetSystemMetrics() is useful!

Right now, the newer version for REALbasic 2006 is unable to trap keys: pressing esc to cancel the drag cannot be picked up, nor will it discard all keys pressed during drag. The event model of REALbasic 3 does allow this, however, where it works perfectly.


CDragBar is a control subclass which provides a draggable pane divider (or drag bar). CDragBar is a generic approach, leaving the choice of control size, appearance and cursors to the client code. The code can accept and manage bar graphics for you or defer painting to client code (as the example demonstrates). Pane resize can be live, or delayed with a dotted line drawn.

Version 2.1.1 fixes horizontal dividers which apparently never worked.