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Windows 2000 US English - OS Specs Project

Information on Windows 2000 US English last updated 21st October 2005

Property Value
Author Microsoft Corporation (USA)
Released 1999 or 2000
Class Universal
Model Modular monolithic kernel; multi-processor support
Architecture X86 (32-bit)
RAM limit
Install media CD-ROM
Installed size Approx. 600 MB?
Memory footprint 70 MB?
Multi-programming Pre-emptive multi-tasking and multi-threading; protected memory
Networking TCP/IP (DHCP configuration), PPP, SMB, NetBIOS, AppleTalk …
Video 32-bit
Audio Stereo 16-bit 44+ kHz
User model Multi-user; one active user; running processes may use different user accounts
User interface GUI, command line; remote CLI access; very limited remote GUI access
User input Mouse, keyboard
I/O Audio in/out, floppy drive, fixed and removable drives on IDE, serial, parallel, USB
Development C, C++, ActiveX-hosted scripting
File format standards Plain text, HTML and Web graphics via Internet Explorer, audio and video support via Windows Media Player, still image support via Kodak Imaging
File systems FAT12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, USB Mass Storage, ISO9660+Joliet
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