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Mac OS X (generic) - OS Specs Project

Generic 10.0-10.4 at present
Information on Mac OS X (generic) last updated 21st January 2006

Property Value
Author Apple Computer (USA)
Released 2000-2005
Class Desktop
Model Hybrid (BSD UNIX monolithic kernel running on the Mach microkernel; Macintosh layers sit above); multi-processor support
Architecture PowerPC (32/64-bit), X86 (32-bit)
RAM limit
Install media DVD-ROM or up to 4 CD-ROMs
Installed size
Memory footprint
Multi-programming Pre-emptive multi-tasking and multi-threading; protected memory
Networking TCP/IP over Ethernet, AppleTalk and PPP/SLIP; SMB, AppleTalk; ZeroConf (Rendezvous/Bonjour)
Video 32-bit
Audio Stereo 16-bit 44 kHz
User model Concurrent graphical multi-user
User interface Command line, GUI; remote CLI, remote GUI?
User input Mouse, keyboard, handwriting recognition?
I/O Audio in/out, ADB?, floppy drive?, serial?, various fixed and removable drives on IDE, USB, USB2, Firewire 400/800, PC-card
Development C, C++, Objective C, OSA scripting
File format standards Plain text, extensive still image, audio and video support through QuickTime, extensive archive extraction support through supplied StuffIt Expander in X 10.3 and earlier
File systems HFS, HFS+, FAT12/16/32, USB Mass Storage, ISO9660+Joliet, UFS
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