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Mac OS 9.1 International English - OS Specs Project

Information on Mac OS 9.1 International English last updated 21st October 2005

Property Value
Author Apple Computer (USA)
Released 2000
Class Desktop
Model Modular monolithic kernel with integrated GUI, message-passing IPC; multi-processor support
Architecture PowerPC (32-bit)
RAM limit
Install media CD-ROM
Installed size Approx. 140 MB
Memory footprint Approx. 25 MB
Multi-programming Co-operative multi-tasking and multi-threading
Networking TCP/IP over Ethernet, AppleTalk and PPP/SLIP (BootP, RARP and DCHP configuration); AppleTalk/LocalTalk
Video 24-bit
Audio Stereo 16-bit 44 kHz
User model Single user with multi-user extensions; one active user
User interface GUI, local machine only
User input Mouse, keyboard
I/O Audio in/out, ADB, floppy drive, various fixed and removable drives on IDE and SCSI including Iomega driver, USB, Firewire 400, 230 kbps serial, PC-card
Development C, Pascal, OSA scripting
File format standards Plain text, extensive still image, audio and video support through QuickTime, extensive archive extraction support through supplied StuffIt Expander
File systems HFS, HFS+, FAT12/16/32, USB Mass Storage, ISO9660
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