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Apple System Software 7.1 - OS Specs Project

Information on Apple System Software 7.1 last updated 21st October 2005

Property Value
Author Apple Computer (USA)
Released 1992
Class Desktop
Model Modular monolithic kernel with integrated GUI
Architecture Motorola 68000 series (16-bit)
RAM limit 24? MB in 24-bit addressing, ? MB with 32-bit addressing enabled
Install media Diskette
Installed size Approx. 6 MB
Memory footprint Approx. 1 MB
Multi-programming Co-operative multi-tasking
Networking AppleTalk/LocalTalk
Video 24-bit
Audio Mono 8-bit 22 kHz?
User model Single user
User interface GUI, local machine only
User input Mouse, keyboard
I/O Audio in/out, ADB, floppy drive, SCSI, serial
Development C, Pascal
File format standards Plain text
File systems HFS
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