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Acorn MOS 1.2 - OS Specs Project

Information on Acorn MOS 1.2 last updated 21st October 2005

Property Value
Author Acorn Computer (UK)
Released 1982
Class Desktop
Model Modular monolithic kernel; co-processor support
Architecture 6502 (8-bit)
RAM limit Too complicated to explain :)
Install media EPROM
Installed size 16 kB of the read-only memory map
Memory footprint 3 kB approx
Multi-programming None
Networking Econet readiness in API, no network drivers
Video Up to 8 colours, 640×256, but not at the same time
Audio Four channel note and noise synth, mono
User model Single user
User interface None; relies on running apps to implement a command prompt and pass commands to the OSs internal command interpreter
User input Keyboard
I/O Audio out, cassette, joystick, RS432 (?) serial, parallel, floppy drive, 1 MHz bus, user port
Development BBC BASIC, 6502 assembler
File format standards None
File systems Native (Cassette File System)
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