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Psion EPOC release 5 - OS Specs Project

Information on Psion EPOC release 5 last updated 21st October 2005

Property Value
Author Psion PLC/Symbian. (UK)
Released 1999
Class PDA
Model Microkernel, RMI IPC; single processor
Architecture ARM (32-bit)
RAM limit
Install media N/A
Installed size < 6 MB (ASCII version)
Memory footprint 1 MB
Multi-programming Pre-emptive multi-tasking and multi-threading; protected memory
Networking TCP/IP over serial and IR PPP
Video At least 256 colours
Audio Mono 8 kHz
User model Single user
User interface GUI, local machine only
User input Stylus, trackpad, keyboard
I/O Mono audio in/out, CompactFlash, IrDA, 115 kbps serial, PC-card;
according to the OPL developer docs, floppy drive, hard drive, CD-ROM
Development OPL (BASIC variant), C++
File format standards Plain text import/export via Word; HTML and Web image formats via Psion Web browser
File systems Native (FAT variant), CompactFlash, ISO9660?
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