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MS-DOS 6.2 - OS Specs Project

Information on MS-DOS 6.2 last updated 21st October 2005

Property Value
Author Microsoft Corporation (USA)
Class Desktop
Model Monolithic kernel (I guess TSRs count as modular?)
Architecture X86 (16-bit)
RAM limit 1 MB? (640 k base + upper/high memory area)
Install media Diskettes (3 I think)
Installed size
Memory footprint
Multi-programming Task swapping via DOS Shell
Networking Does Interlink count? ;)
User model Single user
User interface CLI
User input Keyboard
I/O Floppy drive, IDE hard drives, parallel …
Development C, BATCH, assembler
File format standards Plain text
File systems FAT12, FAT16
Trivia MS-DOS 6 was the first version of MS-DOS to come with a command for moving files. Prior to this, all you had was COPY and DELETE. Do you sense a trend starting here?
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