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Java Girl
16 and 36 point bitmap typeface

Java Girl is a simplistic yet effective title and heading typeface I created sometime back in 2003 on my palmtop during a lecture to use for a wallpaper picture that simply read “JAVA GIRL”. I have since used it for further wallpaper pictures, although thus far only as what I call “Virtual Lettraset”, where I have to copy and paste each character into place from a picture of the character set.

However, I have now made it into a proper bitmap font, making its usage considerably more convenient. The font is, of course, named after the very first text that it was used to display. The font comes with a complete Mac Roman character set at both the original 36 pt and the later, smaller 16 pt, and is saved as a Macintosh font suitcase. The font will of course work in Mac OS 9 and earlier; whether it will work in Mac OS X is another matter.

I have also generated Microsoft Windows Latin-1 versions as both Windows Font Library (FON) and Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format (BDF). Sadly, the Windows version gets ignored by most Windows programs and I have no idea why; it does work in the GIMP and Windows Paint though. If anyone can explain (and hopefully fix) this, please let me know.

The BDF version is unfortunately untested as no-one so far has ever reported if it works or not.

Alternative characters

Over the course of time, the font has gained two different letter Rs:

The two alternatives can be obtained by lowercase and uppercase R respectively. If there arises a need for further alternative letters, I will do the same for those as well.




Use of this font is free and unrestricted.