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IRC quotes

For posterity, these have always remained images, preserving the style and formatting.

Undernet #macintosh, 23rd July 2003

Undernet #macintosh, 14th March 2003

Undernet #macintosh, 10th March 2003

Humanity’s boundless generosity.

Undernet #macintosh, 10th March 2003

As fitted to prehistoric computers

Undernet #macintosh, 10th March 2003

SlashNET #joyoftech, 8th March 2003

SlashNET, 26th June 2002

It would seem that there are, indeed, few channel name limitations.

Undernet #macintosh, 21st April 2002

Webchat #tranceaddict, 5th April 2002

Undernet #macusers, 1st April 2002

Undernet #macusers(?), 29th March 2002

Universal Translator broken?

Undernet #macintosh, 27th March 2002

NewUser (or New_User when the former is already taken) is the default nick for ShadowIRC, and #macintosh the default channel to join

Undernet #macintosh, 13th February 2002

Undernet #machelp, 27th March 2002

Heh, a neat trick, nice, but then, you start to wonder…


Undernet #macintosh, 24th March 2002

Undernet #macintosh, 18th March 2002

Webchat #tranceaddict, 15th March 2002

But who?

Webchat #tranceaddict, 10th March 2002

Undernet #machelp, 9th March 2002

Undernet #macintosh, 24th January 2002

The wit and wisdom of aPerson.

Aimster (not IRC, but hey) #macusers, 2nd Janaury 2002

With great difficulty, cabelmouse, great difficulty

Undernet #macintosh, 2nd November 2001

Eq notes, “«Bander» also means tauten, become erect, etc. So he’s saying ‘I get a hard-on when I see you’. Hope that helps!”

Undernet #on_the_roxx, 2nd November 2001

And a happy new year!

Undernet #surrey, 30th August 2001

ShadowIRC only gives ping readouts in seconds; clearly the programmer never anticipated a 5 minute 45 second ping.

Undernet #surrey, 20th August 2001

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