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Hall of Shame

Chocolate Fireguard Award 2007

The magnetic latch

The cassette box latch in the Volvo 940 is my dad’s “Chocolate Fireguard Award” nomination. Supposing you want a box in the front of a car that holds audio cassettes. And you want it to have a lid (in case you do a victory roll?) and the lid is to have a latch. What sort of latch mechanism would you choose?

You know, this tape is playing funny – keeps fading out. Hm, the fades correspond to the rotational rate of the spools. That’s because someone’s answer to the above question was a magnetic latch. A permanent magnet situated adjacent to an audio cassette. Good at holding down the lid. Good at erasing the tape too.

Lava Lamp Xanga background

Normally I’d not humiliate bad page design on my own site, but since Xanga user bowlpurple785 was hotlinking the “Green” screenshot from my Lava Lamp page, I think I am justified in taking some revenge.

I can understand someone thieving my Lava Lamp desktop pictures for Xanga sites (despite them not being tileable!) but who on earth is stupid enough to use a screenshot for wallpaper, replete with window border and title bar? (And one where I’ve not lessened the dithering effect, no less.)

She’s since locked out her Xanga site, so here is a archived copy of the page for posterity. I am fortunate that the design does not give me a headache, but I am no more able to read it than anyone else.