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Fujitsu rubber dome with Alps slider Incorrect designation. The page cites no references, but the switch design is blatantly Silitek (hence the SK model number); the switch design was patented by Silitek as US 6184481 (priority date 1994-03-23). Keyboard model SK-2500 is confirmed to be Silitek, with FCC ID GYUR40SK (and part number KK2500WRIU in this instance). This with-slider design might explain why it was once claimed (again without evidence) that a Silitek-made QuietKey keyboard was found with NMB sliders. The keyboard in question seems to be the Silitek/Lite-On Media Touch Keyboard, which was badged as Trust and Logitech as well as left unbranded. (No complete photo of the Fujitsu version exists that shows whether it bears branding, nor any switch photos of any other variant.)