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Technische Normen, Gütevorschriften und Lieferbedingungen (“Technical Standards, Quality Specifications and Technical Delivery Conditions”)—was the system of national standards in the German Democratic Republic.

TGL standards are a valuable source of specifications on East German products.

Keyboard-related standards

Standard Description Product Organisation Date
TGL 34716 Kontaktbauelemente: Tastenschalter mit Schutzrohrkontaktsystem und Anzeigeelement, Technische Bedingungen TSS 17,5 and TSS 19 reed keyboard switches Kombinat VEB Elektronische Bauelemente, Teltow 1979-10-31
TGL 36610 Blatt 1, Rechen- und Schreibtechnik: Tastenknöpfe aus Thermoplast, Technische Bedingungen Keycaps (standard fitting for KBL, TSS, TSH, and possibly LDT) VEB Kombinat Robotron, Dresden 1984-05-29
TGL 38198 Kontaktbauelemente: Knöpfe für Tastenschalter Keycaps (as above) Kombinat VEB Elektronische Bauelemente, Teltow 1989-12-09
TGL 38658 Integrierte Halbleiterschaltkreise: Bipolare Hall-Generator-Schaltkreise B 461 G und B 462 G, Technische Bedingungen B416G and B462G Hall ICs VEB Kombinat Mikroelektronik, Erfurt 1982-06-30
TGL 38855 Kontaktbauelemente: Tastenschalter mit Hallelement mit Freigabeeingang, Technische Bedingungen TSH 19 F Hall effect keyboard switch Kombinat VEB Elektronische Bauelemente, Teltow 1982-08-31

Accessing the documents

It appears that these standards are copyright. As such, they are not reposted here. TGL standards can be found at Spezialarchiv Bauen in der DDR Informationszentrum Plattenbau. The site has a presentation fault on modern browsers; the Suche (search) and Gliederung (structure) links do not appear! The links are highlighted in the screenshot below to indicate where they are:

In addition to searching the standards (with Suche), you can explore the standard by number using the tree on the left. To view a standard, click the “Scan: …” link under its caption, which opens a pop-up window containing a link to the PDF.