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Mystery part numbers

In most cases, we find switches without part numbers. Particularly with Alps, it is also possible to find the part numbers without switches!



The 1994 Alps catalogue stops at SKFRAD. From this, we cannot determine if SKFRAK was already discontinued, or whether it was introduced later. The “like SKFR/SKFS but taller” switch has been dated in two instances to 1995, which puts it after the 1994 catalogue. So far, I have been unable to find out anything about this part.


SKFNAA is sold by Tyro teQ, supposedly; thus far, all plans to obtain any have failed. If SKFRAK accounts for “like SKFR/SKFS but taller”, then SKFRAK is freed up to cover something from the Alps “octagonal” series. Alps “octagonal” appears to pre-date 1994, which would tie in with “SKFN” being alphabetically earlier than “SKFR”.


Available for sale from ASAP Semiconductor for the meagre sum of $100/piece, with an MOQ of 100. They do not know anything about it, and did not respond to my request for the warehouse in Europe where it is stocked, to check the colour. Likely to be SKCL Green or SKCL Cream.


An unknown switch from SKCC series — so far, I have been unable to find out anything about this part either.