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Micro Switch, Licon/Cortron, Omron, TESLA and Alps mounts

This page is about Micro Switch, Licon/Cortron, Omron, TESLA and Alps keycaps; for other mounts see keycap mounts.



Micro Switch SW Series was introduced in 1968, and was the first Hall effect keyboard switch. The SW/SN mount was also used for SD Series. This mount was copied by Licon, Omron and TESLA.

In the diagram above, the dimensions in black are nominal and were taken from the 101SN Series charts. The dimensions in grey were measured and are only approximate.


Micro Switch

Micro Switch mount is shared by SW, SN and SD Series. Note that some SD Series switches (SD16 and SD18 Series) use Honeywell mount CT-series keycaps, and are thus incompatible with SW and SN Series and the remainder of SD Series.

Compatibility chart for Micro Switch SW keycaps
Switch Compatible? Notes
Alps SCB No Not personally tested
TESLA Hall effect No The keystem cross section is too large and Micro Switch keycaps do not fit
Omron B2H-F7W Yes Perfect fit
Omron B2R


Omron mount is shared by B2C, B2H and B2R Series, as well as at least part of B3G Series (the catalogue page for B3G seems to show two separate mounts).

Compatibility chart for Omron B2HK keycaps
Switch Compatible? Notes
Micro Switch SW Series Maybe Omron keycaps fit extremely tightly and may split
Micro Switch SD Series
TESLA Hall effect No The fit is too loose

Licon, Cortron and ITW

At present, I have no Licon, Cortron or ITW switches or keycaps for testing (only some stabiliser dummy switches with a different mount). Old Licon/Cortron switches have a mount that is visibly identical to Micro Switch SW and SN Series; later types have mounts that appear to be compatible.


TESLA mount is known from their SW Series–inspired Hall effect switches, the name of which is as-of-yet unknown. The keycap design is based on that of Micro Switch and the keycap mount is the same, but TESLA and Micro Switch keycaps and switches are not interchangeable.

TESLA switch have a tall plunger with the return spring visible within it from the outside. The keycaps have the internal slot fairly high up, which means that while they will attach to a Micro Switch or Omron keystem, they sit so low on the switch that it cannot be depressed.

The distance indicated with the arrow above is impossible to measure, but it is over 6 mm, and this is simply too large a gap to accommodate the plungers of other brands.

Compatibility chart for TESLA keycaps
Switch Compatible? Notes
Micro Switch SW Series No Switch plunger too short to reach inside keycap
Micro Switch SD Series
Omron B2H-F7W
Omron B2R


A similar mount is used on Alps SCB1A163.

Compatibility chart for Alps reed switch keycaps
Switch Compatible? Notes
Micro Switch solid state Yes Not personally tested


Digitran KM keyboards appear to also be Micro Switch mount, but this has yet to be verified by anyone with a Digitran keyboard.