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Keycap mounts


Series Customisation
Alps SKCC General Instrument Series S950 is a variant of Alps SKCC series that takes Clare/Pendar keycaps. Looking at the injection mould cavity numbers, either Alps provided the tooling (or the plans for the tooling) or produced these switches on GI’s behalf.
“Side-angled” cream shares a keystem customisation with SKFF; in both cases, these switches are thus far only known from Facit typewriters from Sweden.
Alps SKFF These share the same apparent keystem modification as SKCC above.
Cherry M7 M51-0131 is a variant of Cherry gold crosspoint with a custom mount. The reason for the custom mount remains a mystery. M51-0131 is a replacement part number for M51-0129, and one assumes that the previous version of the switch had the same custom mount.
Cherry M7 Style D itself is a mystery. So far, it has only been found in Sagem keyboards: Sandy’s Sagem keyboard, and a 1987 ИЗОТ keyboard marked “ЕС 8531 М2КЛ” and noted as “сделано в болгарии” (made in Bulgaria) that has a Sagem internal assembly labelled in French. These switches are Clare/Pendar mount, which suggests that they were a custom part made for Sagem to permit them to use existing Belgian or French-made keycaps.
Cherry M9 Cherry M1 (or M11) is a ground-up redesign of Cherry M9 created as a drop-in replacement to Datanetics DC-60.
Cherry M94A-1GBR is an M9 variant that takes the same keycaps as M51-0131; these are found at various sources in Bulgaria (both used and NOS).
Cherry M9 in general was widely used in typewriters, using at least one custom mount, marked “TA” in the M9 part number schema. M94A-18NI is another “TA” type, although it will accept Cherry MX keycaps.
Datanetics DC-50 Meryl Miller rediscovered a single DC-50 switch—with no part number—that was part of a custom order for NCR of switches with a bar mount.
Datanetics DC-60 Evidence suggests that DC-60 was customised to accept MX keycaps (the cream DC-60 type); this has been found in the same keyboard as Cherry M1, where the latter was used for space, but with the standard DC-60 mount.

Switches confirmed to be MX mount

The following switch types a specifically compatible with Cherry MX keycaps.

Series Notes
MEI T-15 MEI T-15 was advertised in 1985 (around the time of its introduction) as having a keycap mount that is “… the most frequently used cruciform style (equivalent to Cherry MX and others).”