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My discoveries to date (not complete):



Joint effort

Discovery Thanks to
Datanetics DC-60 series Invisius (who discovered a Datanetics-branded Fluke keyboard), snuci (who made sure it would come to my attention) and Meryl Miller (for making his contact details public on a forum, thus opening the way to for me to make contact with him)
Tai-Hao (as the OEM of AZiO keyboards) ruhtraeel (he succeeded where I failed to get a response from AZiO)
Identification of Alps SKFL from the keyboard code on a Toshiba T3200 laptop keyboard PCB Nubbinator
Differentiation between M81, M82 and M84 UncleFan figured out how to recognise M84; identification of M81 and M82 came after Ed Ferraton passed us on some sample M8 parts that I could disassemble and inspect, to verify that you can tell gold contacts from silver contacts
Identification of the purpose of Cherry M1/M11 (2018) Findecanor, who recognised the similarity previously; this could be clarified several years later once DC-60 was identified and details were gathered on both series
Identification of the keycap mount on Style D M7 switches (2018) UncleFan (he sent me a switch for measurement and I was able to recognise the mount after revisiting my Clare-Pendar switches)