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The following pages contain information about keyboards and switches that has not been documented on the wiki; the following links marginally improve the likelihood of the information being found again.

Switch Patents

Company Patent Title Filed Published Notes
Cherry Electrical Prod US 3644855 A Keyboard reed switch 1970-07-10 1972-02-22 Never observed in the wild; the external design is fairly similar to Cherry M5/6/7
Alps Electric Co., Ltd. US 4153829 A Pushbutton switch assembly 1977-02-16 1979-05-08 Never observed in the wild; the patent depicts an older design of switchplate before SKCC series, suggesting that SKCC series was introduced in 1977 or later
Mechanical Enterprises, Incorporated US 4203016 A Electric switch utilizing coil spring torsion biasing in switch operation 1978-11-08 1980-05-13 Reported to have been listed in the MEI catalogue as SABRECOIL®, this is the switch grid system used in the Acorn Atom computer in 1980, from Issue 1 to Issue 4 (Issue 5 used Futaba simplified linear switches, the same as the original BBC Micro)
Alps Electric Co., Ltd. US 4760225 A Push button switch having a frame member for preventing solder penetration of switch contacts 1987-01-14 1988-07-26 Alps octagonal, LED variant
Omron Tateisi Electronics Co. US 5015811 A Snap-action pushbutton switch with click sound 1989-06-13 1991-05-14 Inverted click leaf design for Omron B3G-S switches; never observed in the wild
Silitek Corporation US 5310973 A Structure of key switch 1991-10-08 1994-05-10 Example: Silitek SK-4100R-1U
Silitek Corporation US 6184481 B1 Key switches for computer keyboards 1994-03-30 2001-02-06 (!) Alps-mount sliders for conductive domes (well-known design)
Omron Corporation US 20140251778 A1 Switch 2014-02-24 2014-09-11 Omron B3K series, AKA Logitech Romer-G