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Switch collection MEI T-5 “WEAB” grey plunger M-NO

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Manufacturer Mechanical Enterprises, Inc.
Series T-5
Behaviour Linear
Signalling type Metal contact
Switch mount PCB
Keycap mount Cruciform post
In production
Work done No
Deskthority wiki MEI T-5 series
Last audited 2019-05-20


Acquired 12
Given away 0
Sold 1
Remaining 11


These have “WEAB” moulded into the top of the plunger, and “MEI” moulded into the switch cover. The plungers are dark metallic grey (with swirls, as though it is extremely finely metallic), and only one terminal is gold-plated.


Source Consignment Quantity Line Notes
Stockwood Park radio rally Consignment the 174th 12 (used) These came in a keypad, where only 12 switches were fitted, and the PCB was sliced down the middle of the next column of switch positions, with a short piece of wire to connect the severed matrix. The tracks were filled with resistors, and the whole matrix is wired to a single headphone plug. It seems like the switches are identified via current or voltage level! The keycaps are not MEI though: they are Devlin K series.


Destination Date Quantity Disposition
Deepak Kandepet (US) 2019-09-30 1 Sale