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Switch collection Omron B2H-F7W

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Manufacturer Omron Corporation
Series B2H
Behaviour Clicky
Signalling type Hall effect
Switch mount PCB
Keycap mount Micro Switch
In production No
Work done No
My page /KBK/Omron/B2H-F7W.php
Last audited 2019-05-12


Acquired 10
Given away 0
Sold 1
Remaining 9
Of which broken 1


Fitted with a diode.

Additional images

View full size image Side, showing the model number and what appears to be the lot number.
View full size image Bottom, showing six terminals and a dummy post.


Source Consignment Quantity Line Notes
Deskthority::Blaise170 Consignment the 154th 10 (NOS)


Destination Date Quantity Disposition
Arakula (AT) 2018-09-11 1 Sale