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Switch collection RRE RKS 80-1AL

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Manufacturer Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited
Series Reed keyswitch
Part number RKS 80-1AL
Behaviour Linear
Signalling type Reed
Switch mount PCB
Keycap mount Proprietary
In production No
Work done No
Deskthority wiki RRE RKS 80-1AL
Last audited 2019-05-05


Acquired 30
Given away 5
Sold 0
Remaining 25


Source Consignment Quantity Line Notes
Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited Consignment the 106th 30 (NOS)


Destination Date Quantity Disposition
SeanTNT (NZ) 2017-02-16 1 Gift
UncleFan (CN) 2017-11-17 1 Swap
HaaTa (US) 2017-11-17 2 Gift
Wombo (US) 2018-02-26 1 Swap