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Switch collection Alps SKPA Black

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Manufacturer Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
Series SKPA
Behaviour Tactile
Signalling type Conductive rubber
Switch mount Plate
Keycap mount Alps
In production No
Work done No
Last audited 2019-05-12


Acquired 10
Given away 2
Sold 0
Remaining 8
Of which broken 3


These are progressive rate, with a pretravel of ~2.4 mm, and total travel of 3.0 mm. At the pretravel point, the force increases significantly.

Force to pretravel is fairly light, maybe 50 cN; these are not heavy but they are distinctly heavier than the clear version.

Contact resistance is high, somewhere in the region of 400–800 Ω.

One is definitely destroyed; a second may also be (assuming so for now). One is intact and in visibly good condition, but is open circuit.

Part number SKPAAB exists, which may cover these switches.


Source Consignment Quantity Line Notes
AliExpress::harry ke Consignment the 86th 10 (used) Pretty dirty!


Destination Date Quantity Disposition
seebart (DE) 2017-01-31 1 Gift
HaaTa (US) 2017-11-17 1 Gift