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Switch collection Forward SKBM Tactile Black

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Manufacturer Forward Electronics Co., Ltd.
Behaviour Tactile
Signalling type Metal contact
Switch mount Plate
Keycap mount Alps
In production No
Work done No
Deskthority wiki Alps SKBL/SKBM series
Last audited 2019-05-05


Acquired 14
Given away 0
Sold 0
Remaining 14


Source Consignment Quantity Line Notes
Taobao Focus Consignment the 151st 11 (NOS) 供应台湾进口原装类似 ALPS 机械式 键盘按键开关 微动开关 Not sure what these are, but one of the two FD black types is tactile, that I have been waiting for for ages. Probably both are tactile (just at different prices) and I’ll end up with 30 of them.
KBParadise Consignment the 162nd 3 (NOS) Silver-coloured terminals