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Switch collection Alps octagonal

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Manufacturer Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
Series (other)
Behaviour Linear
Signalling type Metal contact
Switch mount PCB
Keycap mount Alps
In production No
Work done No


Source Consignment Quantity Line
Well Gain Electronics Consignment the 60th 4 (NOS) ALPS TACT SWITCH 14x12x9mm for KEYBOARD


Acquired 4
Given away 2
Sold 0
Remaining 2


Destination Date Quantity Disposition
Thomas Ran (UK) 2016-01-20 1 Gift
HaaTa (US) 2017-11-17 1 Gift

Additional images

View full size image Demonstration of standard Alps keycap mount using keycaps from a Nan Tan KB-6151EN; the Alps logo is also visible