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Switch collection ASM MEXICO S88010 E9

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Manufacturer ASM MEXICO
Series S880
Part number S88010 E9
Behaviour Linear
Signalling type Reed
Switch mount Plate
Keycap mount Cruciform post
In production No
Work done No
Last audited 2019-05-05


Acquired 80
Given away 5
Sold 0
Remaining 75


This switch may forever remain a mystery. The Pendar (France) part number is SFL1102, and the Pendar (USA) part number appears to be S88010 E9, although the catalogue page that I have from an unknown company depicts S88010 E9 as illuminated (which should be S88010 J7 E9, or E9 J7).

Compared to the SFL1102 specification, the legs protrude an extra 0.5 mm. Compared to both the French and US catalogue photographs and drawings, the fins that rest on mounting plate have tapered instead of perpendicular ends, and compared to both sets of drawings, the slider is a different shape at the top.

The switch appears to be formed from fresh tooling created for a Mexico factory, but presently it remains unknown whether Clare-Pendar established this factory, or whether General Instrument did. The moulds for this switch did not entirely follow the French/Belgian schematics for the SFL series.

The internal design appears to be the same as European Clare/Pendar switches.

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Source Consignment Quantity Line Notes
Electronic Surplus Consignment the 47th 80 (NOS) Unmarked - 3-069 - Keyboard Switch. W…


Destination Date Quantity Disposition
Thomas Ran (UK) 2016-01-20 2 Gift
alh84001 (HR) 2017-02-08 1 Gift
UncleFan (CN) 2017-11-17 1 Swap
J R (UK) 2018-09-07 1 Swap