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Switch collection Xiang Min Co., Ltd.


Type Manufacturer
Country TW
Official URL http://xiangmin.myweb.hinet.net/


Series Image Switch Part number Quantity Keyboard type
KSB Pending Xiang Min KSB-C KSB-C 15
Xiang Min KSB-C, Ducky 55 gf KSB-C 4
Xiang Min KSB-LE 2
Xiang Min KSB-N KSB-N 2
Xiang Min KSB-N, Ducky spec KSB-N 4
KSBF Pending Xiang Min KSBF KSBF 10


Consignment Image Switch Quantity Line
Consignment the 6th Xiang Min KSB-C 2
Xiang Min KSB-LE 2
Xiang Min KSB-N 2
Xiang Min KSBF 2