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Switch collection Cherry


Type Manufacturer
Country DE
Official URL https://www.cherry.de/
Deskthority wiki Cherry


Series Image Switch Part number
Gold crosspoint/Serie M7 Pending Cherry M51-0131 M51-0131
Cherry M61-0100 M61-0100
Cherry M61-0120 M61-0120
Cherry M7 Style AB
Cherry M7 Style D black
Cherry M73 T 10°
Cherry M73-0120 M73-0120
RS-branded Cherry
M8 Pending Cherry M8 Covered DPST Clear
Cherry M8 Covered Two-Stage Black
Cherry M81A-0100 M81A-0100
Cherry M81A-1300 M81A-1300
Cherry M81E-0500 M81E-0500
Cherry M81E-0600 M81E-0600
Cherry M81E-1500 M81E-1500
Cherry M81G-0100 M81G-0100
Cherry M82E-05R0 M82E-05R0
Cherry M82E-1500 M82E-1500
Cherry M84A-0100 M84A-0100
Cherry M84A-4100 M84A-4100
Cherry M84C-4100 M84C-4100
Cherry M84E-0500 M84E-0500
Cherry M84F-1500 M84F-1500
Hirose Cherry M8 tactile clear
Hirose Cherry M8 tactile yellow
Hirose Cherry M83S black
M9 Pending Cherry M9 TA extra heavy
Cherry M9 TA tall angled
Cherry M9 TA tall angled LED
Cherry M94A-18NI M94A-18NI
Cherry M94A-1GBR M94A-1GBR
MD Pending Hirose Cherry MD angled grey
Hirose Cherry MD angled yellow
ML Cherry ML1A-11JW ML1A-11JW
Cherry ML1B-11JW ML1B-11JW
MX Cherry M8-MX Adapter (black)
Cherry M8-MX Adapter (white)
Cherry MX Back Logo Blue
Cherry MX Black MX1A-11NN
Cherry MX Black (factory LED) MX1A-11GW
Cherry MX Black (PCB mount) MX1A-11NW
Cherry MX Blue MX1A-E1NN
Cherry MX Blue (PCB mount) MX1A-E1JW
Cherry MX Brown MX1A-G1NN
Cherry MX Clear MX1A-C1NN
Cherry MX Clear (PCB mount)
Cherry MX Click Clear (unknown type)
Cherry MX Click Clear (unknown type; PCB; diode)
Cherry MX Dark Blue
Cherry MX Green MX1A-F1NN
Cherry MX Green (PCB mount) MX1A-F1NW
Cherry MX Linear Clear
Cherry MX Linear Grey MX1A-21NN
Cherry MX Lock (black-grey-black) MX1A-31NW
Cherry MX Lock (black-grey-black) (plate mount) MX1A-31NN
Cherry MX Lock (white-black-black)
Cherry MX Olympia Linear Clear
Cherry MX Pale Blue (PCB; diode)
Cherry MX Red MX1A-L1NN
Cherry MX RGB Black MX1A-11NA
Cherry MX RGB Blue MX1A-E1NA
Cherry MX RGB Brown MX1A-G1NA
Cherry MX RGB Nature White
Cherry MX RGB Red MX1A-L1NA
Cherry MX Silent Black
Cherry MX Silent Red
Cherry MX Silent RGB Black
Cherry MX Silent RGB Red
Cherry MX Speed RGB Silver
Cherry MX Speed Silver
Cherry MX Tactile Grey MX1A-D1NN
Cherry MX White MX1A-A1NN
Cherry MX White (PCB mount) MX1A-A1DW
Hirose Cherry MX1A-0NNN MX1A-0NNN
MX Low Profile Pending Cherry LP Red MX1B-L2NA
MY Pending Cherry MY Type 1
Cherry MY Type 3


Consignment Image Switch Quantity Line
Consignment the 167th None Cherry LP Red 19