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Switch collection Electronic Surplus


Type Supplier
Country US
Official URL http://www.electronicsurplus.com/


Consignment Image Switch Quantity Line
Consignment the 7th None Cherry M61-0100 (style A) 10 CHERRY004
Futaba MD-4PCS 20 FUTABA002
SMK J-M0404 short stem latching 10 SMK002
Consignment the 47th None ASM MEXICO S84010 H3 12 http://www.electronicsurplus.com/unma…
ASM MEXICO S88010 E9 80 http://www.electronicsurplus.com/unma…
Jeanrenaud TFD 40 http://www.electronicsurplus.com/jean…
Schadow 340-5000-001 5 http://www.electronicsurplus.com/scha…
Consignment the 181st None Micro Switch 1PB871 3 MICRO020