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Switch collection Cherry M4/M5/M6


Manufacturer Cherry
Signalling type Metal contact
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Cherry M4/M5/M6 series is their original discrete keyboard module series. It was complemented by the German Serie M7 a few years after its introduction, possibly starting with M71, which was Germany’s illuminated model that offered centre illumination, compared to the corner illumination of the very different American M4 series.

M4/M5/M6 seems to have gone end-of-life around the late 80s, after which switches were sourced from Germany.

Hirose Cherry Precision in Japan also made M5 and M6 switches from the early 80s onwards (1983 for M5 and 1985 for M6), which appear to be the same design but with a pair of trapezoidal holes cut in the base. The relationship between these holes and Hirose is not yet confirmed. Hirose have not reported having ever made M4 switches, nor have M4 switches been seen in a Hirose-made keyboard.


Switch Image Part no. Behaviour Switch mount Keycap mount Parts In production Quantity Keyboard type
Cherry M61-0100 (style A) M61-0100 Linear Plate Cherry 12 mm straight 6 No 3
Cherry M61-0100 (style B′) Pending Linear Plate Cherry 12 mm straight No 6
Cherry M61-0120 (style B) Pending M61-0120 Linear Plate Cherry 12 mm T No 2
RS-branded Cherry M61-0120 Linear Plate Cherry 12 mm T 6 No 3