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Switch collection RAFI RS 74 M


Manufacturer RAFI GmbH & Co. KG
Signalling type Metal contact
Deskthority wiki RAFI RS 74 M


These shorter 2.5 mm travel switches are not really intended for data entry keyboards, however in a few cases they have been found in keyboards in terminals and laptops.

As of May 2019, only two models remain in production:



Switch Image Part no. Behaviour Switch mount Keycap mount Parts In production Quantity Keyboard type
RAFI RS 74 M ESD 3.12961.001 Linear PCB Square post Yes 12
RAFI RS 74 M latching 3.12960.101 Latching PCB Square post Yes 4
RAFI RS 74 M red Linear PCB Square post No 10
RAFI RS 74 M SPDT latching 3.12.960.905 Latching PCB Square post 10 No 9
RAFI RS 74 M SPST unsealed Linear PCB Square post No 1