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Switch collection TTC KS4 series

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Manufacturer Trantek Electronics Co., Ltd.
Group Cherry MX clones
Signalling type Metal contact
Official URL http://www.ttc9.com/cn/products/index_99_1.html


Switch Image Part no. Behaviour Switch mount Keycap mount Parts In production Wiki page
TTC 24K Pending Plate Cherry MX Yes
TTC black KS4-BBK15-00 Linear Plate Cherry MX Yes
TTC blue KS4-BCY15-00 Clicky Plate Cherry MX Yes
TTC brown KS4-BBR15-00 Tactile Plate Cherry MX Yes
TTC red KS4-BRD15-00 Linear Plate Cherry MX Yes
TTC yellow KS4-BYE15-00 Linear Plate Cherry MX 6 Yes


All the switches are designed to take RGB LEDs, as is very common with Cherry MX clones now.

The brown switch is the same weight as Cherry MX brown, but the tactile curve is rather smoother, like a light Cherry MX clear. I don’t know if this would have any effect during typing.