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Switch collection Cherry ML

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Manufacturer Cherry
Signalling type Metal contact
Deskthority wiki Cherry ML


Typically found in the short size (ML1A), there is also a rare tall size of ML switch (ML1B).

The Cherry website does not list ML1B, suggesting that it may have gone end-of-life since 2013 (the ML1A datasheet PDF is from 2015-07-29, but the ML1B PDF, still online, is from 2013-11-27).


Switch Image Part no. Behaviour Switch mount Keycap mount Parts In production Quantity Keyboard type
Cherry ML1A-11JW ML1A-11JW Tactile PCB Proprietary 7 Yes 45
Cherry ML1B-11JW ML1B-11JW Tactile PCB Proprietary 7 7