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Switch collection Alps SKCC


Manufacturer Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
Signalling type Metal contact
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Deskthority wiki Alps SKCC series


For now, it seems reasonable to assume that this series was renamed from KBB/KCC to SKCC, based on the part numbers discovered.


Switch Image Part no. Behaviour Switch mount Keycap mount Parts In production Quantity Keyboard type
Alps SKCC angled bar mount Linear Plate Bar No 14
Alps SKCC Cream SKCCBJ Linear Plate Cruciform post No 63
Alps SKCC Green KCC10903 Linear Plate Cruciform post No 6
Alps SKCC Grey Pending Linear Plate Cruciform post No 19
Alps SKCC Lock Latching Plate Tee No 1
Alps SKCC Tall Cream SKCCAF Linear Plate Tee 10 No 11