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Switch collection Consignment the 31st


Source Wind-Sourse from AliExpress
Type Purchase
Ordered on 2015-04-15
Received on 2015-05-06
Switches 40
Total £38.25


Switch Image Requested Received Condition Price Line Notes
Gaote MX Brown (alt) 0 5 New
Kailh PG1511 Red 10 5 New £9.56 Mechanical keyboard switches the comp… Photo shows red, black, yellow; requested some of each colour
NEC Standard Cream 20 20 NOS £19.12 imported Jap keyboard switch button t… Seller did not take care of the items, and many have had the legs bent enough times as to suffer metal fatigue and crack
Omron B3G-S White (no JAPAN) Pending 10 0 NOS £9.56 Original authentic imported Japanese …
Omron B3G-S White Tactile 10 10 NOS Requested product: Omron B3G-S White (no JAPAN)