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Switch collection Consignment the 30th


Source AliExpress::Serco electronic from AliExpress
Type Purchase
Ordered on 2015-04-15
Received on 2015-05-08
Switches 40
Total £16.92


Switch Image Requested Received Condition Price Line Notes
Cherry MX Black 15 0 New £5.97 15pcs/Mechanical keyboard computer sw… Actual switch uncertain; main photo shows Cherry MX Black, while further photos show more Cherry MX colours
Omron B3G-S White (no JAPAN) Pending 10 0 NOS £5.51 10pcs/B3G-S keyboard new original tou…
Omron B3G-S White Tactile 0 10 NOS Requested product: Omron B3G-S White (no JAPAN)
Outemu RGB Black 0 15 New Requested product: Cherry MX Black
SMK Cherry MX mount white 15 15 NOS £5.45 15pcs/New original touch keyboard but…