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Switch collection Consignment the 159th


Source Taobao Focus
Type Purchase
Ordered on 2018-10-12
Received on 2018-10-31
Switches 56
Total £29.34


Switch Image Requested Received Condition Price Line Notes
Alps SKBM Black Pending 20 21 NOS 元35.20 供应原装进口ALPS 键盘按键开关 SKBMFB000A 黑杆带响声机械式 These have part number SKBMFB000A confirmed on the packet. Sadly the packet is seemingly not dated (that field is empty).
Alps SKBM White Pending 20 0 NOS 元35.20 供应进口原装ALPS 键盘开关 SKBIFB000A 机械式 原生白轴 带响声 Out of stock.
Alps SKCL Yellow (green LED) Pending 20 21 NOS 元37.20 供应原装进口ALPS 键盘按键开关 SKCLFM000A 黄杆带灯 无声机械式 These are claimed to be SKCLFM000A; there is no proof, but that is the correct model number for them.
Forward SKBL Yellow Pending 20 0 NOS 元27.00 供应进口原装类似ALPS WKUES1B010 机械式 键盘按键开关 Depicted is SKCM Yellow, but these will be more SKBL Yellow. Out of stock.
Logitech Romer-G (black) 7 14 New 元52.64 罗技G轴线性轴体开关欧姆龙G310 810 910 513 512Pro机… Ah, I was accidentally buying pairs of these: 7 pairs = 14.

Of the 14, 12 are labelled "B3K-T13L-L", and two are labelled "B3K-T13L2" (one of those two being illegible but seemingly TT13L2).