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Switch collection Consignment the 135th


Source Jotrin Electronics Limited
Type Purchase
Ordered on 2017-10-07
Received on 2017-10-17
Switches 12
Total £51.04


Switch Image Requested Received Condition Price Line Notes
Omron B2R-M1 Pending 7 9 NOS $4.50 B2R-M1 Deal fell through on the RAFI switch, so that was replaced with two extra of these.

These included the rubber sealing bellows, which was an unexpected bonus.
Omron B3G-S White Tactile 3 3 NOS £7.50 B3G-S100N
RAFI RS 76 M 90 cN with diode 1 0 New $13.00 3.13005.0010000 Deal fell through.