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Switch collection Consignment the 112th


Source Taobao Focus
Type Purchase
Ordered on 2017-03-26
Received on 2017-04-12
Switches 61
Total £25.39
Notes Original cost was 38.45; the remainder is sat in TaoBao


Switch Image Requested Received Condition Price Line Notes
Omron B2R-ME Pending 6 0 NOS 元150.00 日本OMRON欧姆龙指示灯B2R-ME自复位按钮开关LED发光带红灯微动 Out of stock (what a surprise there)
Omron ball contact 60 61 NOS 元88.20 欧姆龙OMRON 电脑健盘按键开关白色头 复位开关 微动开关 开关