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SMK keyboard codes

SMK keyboard codes do not yet appear to be as structured as those from Alps, and so far seem not to offer any clues. They do however suggest that the NEC-branded switches were made by SMK; they also offer further evidence towards “Monterey” keyboards being genuine SMK. (Although there seem to be presently no photographs online of the PCB of the unbranded Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard, I have seen the PCB and did indeed have an SMK-style code on it.)

Long code Short code PCB branding Keyboard Year Switches Source
J-M9030-02Ⓒ¹ GMCK-19EHB NEC NEC PC-8801 First generation angled, NEC-branded sandy55.fc2web.com
3-J9011-02D SMK Kaypro II 1982 First generation upright (black, beige) deskthority.net
J-M9031-02Ⓐ SMK 1983 (label) First generation upright (black, beige) vintagecomputer.ca
3-J9011-02Y SMK Kaypro “New” 2 1984 ? deskthority.net
401KBM-006-90RⒶ TW-15 94HB SMK Acorn BBC Microcomputer 1984 (computer) First generation angled wouter.bbcmicro.net
401KAG-060-00RⒷ SMK Domes (most keys); second generation white (inverse cross) plus.google.com
2J-M9021-4 ? Apple Apple M0110A 1989² First generation upright, latching kbtalking.cool3c.com
401KBM-037-01Ⓔ ? SMK Tulip ATK 03.01.44 1990 (case) Second generation ivory tactile (inverse cross) deskthority.net
401KAS-063-01RⒷ CMKS-81X¹ SMK Apple Keyboard II 1991¹ (case) SMK spring-over-membrane; second generation latching (Alps mount) applerescueofdenver.com


  1. Unclear
  2. alps.tw believes that the “89-32” written on his M0110A PCB is the production week; while this is extremely late for first generation switches, the photo of the case appears to show March 1990, which does tie up well with the code on the PCB. The controller chip is below the mounting plate and is difficult to document.