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Omron B3K



The individual positions denote:

Omron B3K series; the derivation of this is not known, but B may denote pushbutton
T: tactile, L: linear
Unknown; this may be one or two positions
Unknown, but possibly indicates Logitech as the customer
Possibly Mk II

Known types

Romer-G switches are available to buy through AliExpress and Taobao, but this is sadly not true of Creative PRES and Das Keyboard Gamma Zulu. The above part number breakdown comes solely from comparing the part numbers marked on Romer-G switches.

Creative are stubborn and unhelpful and refuse to assist with enquiries. Metadot, who I thought was a company run by keyboard enthusiasts for keyboard enthusiasts, seem unable to comprehend the idea of switches even having part numbers and have also proved to be a waste of time. Hopefully one day the PRES and Gamma Zulu switches will show up for sale just as the Romer-G switches have done.

Part Customer series Colour Type Notes
B3K-T13L Logitech Romer-G Black/blue/clear Tactile damped
B3K-T13L2 Logitech Romer-G Black/black/clear Tactile Mk II switch, with the damping prongs removed from the mould; factory lubricated
B3K-L13L Logitech Romer-G Black/black/grey Linear Linear version, also without the damping prongs; factory lubricated
Creative PRES ?/extra clear/clear Tactile
Das Keyboard Gamma Zulu Black/black/clear Tactile